International Transport

With a modern transport fleet at our disposal, we can ensure timely and safe transportation of loose materials, waste transport and feed transport throughout the European Union. Our vehicles have all the required documents and certificates and our trailers are adapted to transport any type of goods - "walking floor". Thanks to the constant availability of our modern fleet, fast order completion and high flexibility of our company, we are able to fulfill each accepted order in a professional manner.

National Transport

Transport Grzegorz Kwiecień company offers also a full range of national transportation - walking floor trailers. Thanks to the complex fleet of vehicles adjusted to the transport of all kinds of goods (transport of loose materials and transport of waste) and many years of experience, we ensure professional and punctual realization of accepted orders within the whole territory of Poland.

Forwarding freight

Our experienced and qualified team is at your disposal to provide you with the most effective logistic solutions and customised transport options so that your goods reach their destination both safely and efficiently.

* We will help you to prepare all the necessary documents
* We will take care of all the formalities.
* We will plan the optimal route and select the appropriate type of transport.

Our freight forwarders are at your disposal.

We look forward to working with you.

Sale of new and pre-owned trucks and semi-trailers

We sell new and pre-owned trucks and semi-trailers. Our current offer can be found on the website:

Our transport routes

We operate in the entire European Union. We possess all the necessary permits.

Our Fleet

We have 85 sets of tractor + semi-trailer of moving floor with the capacity of 90m3 and load capacity of 24t at our disposal. We operate throughout the European Union. We have all the necessary permits (Tab: Permits and Certificates). Some of our trailers are adapted to transport GMP+ feed.

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